Wooden training weapons have been used when learning the art of the sword in Japan, China, and throughout the world. The bokken from the Japanese samurai, being the most famous. Originally, the wooden bokken was most likely copied from similar training tools in China. The bokken became popular as a training tool during the Muromachi period in Japan, between 1336 and 1600 A.D. which was the beginning of the age of the samurai.

In martial arts, wooden bokken are used to train a number of skills – footwork, control, coordination, focus, etc.

Like the wooden bokken, Primal Flow™ Wooden Training Maces are used to optimize the human body's mobility, muscle balance, neuromotor control, hand-eye coordination, and strength which we call state of being "PrimalFit™." Primal Flow™ Wooden Training Maces and ThorFit™ Hammers individually handmade from hard maple and mesquite for a strong, lighter weight (similar to a wooden baseball bat), and are a perfect way to explore mace training before applying it to the 10lb steel mace.
Our founder, Dr. Joey Cadena, DPT, FAAOMPT is a specialist in orthopedic sports physical therapy, a mace flow artist, and a 7th degree black belt. He has integrated the use of this epic training tool with his patients and mace students alike with "a-mace-ing" results! The Primal Flow™ Wooden Training Mace honors the tradition forged by a long history of warriors who trained with wooden weapons to hone their legendary skills. Now we challenge you to #FindYourMovement.