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We, at Primal Flow, firmly believe that God blesses us to be a blessing in other peoples lives. This belief is what we value in our personal lives an in our businesses. Because of our passion to help others, we have decided to move forward with what we call the Tarahumara Project.


The Tarahumara Project highlights the biological, cultural diversity, and innovative capacity of Mexico’s Tarahumara people. By promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship, our model of sustainable employment opportunities for the Tarahumara people can address poverty issues and provide a sustainable income for those living in rural areas.

Through our partnership and connections with the Tarahumara Tribe, we will be able to produce one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Primal Flow Training Maces that are of the highest quality. These beautifully designed artisan maces will soon ship all over the world, so stay tuned!




Photo Credits: Francisco Palma